Feasibility + Site Feasibility

Honeyman and Smith research, assess and evaluate our client's requirements and objectives. Potential for a scheme is assessed at macro and micro scales through a number of considered options to assist our clients in determining how and when to move forward.

Concept Design

Concept Stage is the moment an idea will become apparent. Factors including the brief, site constraints, time of year, programming, generational relevance, context, historical references to name a few, inform the way in which architecture can manifest and be drawn out of an idea which includes appropriate reasoning.

Honeyman and Smith provide a tailored approach for the Concept Stage for each project. We work with our clients to keep them informed and part of the team at regular meetings and presentations where the project unravels and is critically examined. Hand drawn sketches, photomontages, physical + digital models, technical drawings and material palettes are all considered and used as necessary.

We see the Concept Stage as the biggest investment our clients make. The value of the idea is maintained, nurtured and privileged and this is what our clients see come to life and then appreciated and enjoyed once the project has been fully completed.

Town Planning + Building Control

Our office works closely with metropolitan and regional planning authorities, achieving positive permissions for our clients. Our service includes considerate and tactful dialogue and presentations with planning officers, departments and local residents. When required, we utilise Planning consultants as part of the design team from Feasibility or Concept Design stage.

Bushfire Design (Australia) + Consultation

Analysis and exploration for varying sites and conditions are explored. Regional sites with constraints due to the proximity to unmanaged vegetation and topography are assessed and responses are developed utilising input from the Country Fire Authority and local specialists.

Detailed Design: Construction Documentation + Specification

All design inclusions, research and articulation completed to date will be coordinated into technical drawings, written specifications and schedules. These documents are developed with relevant specialist consultants in order to complete all documentation relevant to the project.

Tender + Contractor Selection

We assist our clients in determining the most appropriate procurement method for each project. This will take into consideration several factors including cost of works, location / context, timeframes and any special conditions. Negotiated or Selected Tendering will be determined in order to obtain a Contract Price for your project. Our office is proficient in coordinating and organising all facets of the project, working closely with the client, external consultants and authorities.   

Contract Administration

Honeyman and Smith administer contracts for all of their building projects. This stage begins when a tendered price has been agreed on and the project can begin construction. This service is provided until all defect liability periods have ended.

Interior Design Services

Honeyman and Smith embrace the philosophy of total architecture and believe the interior of the project is an extension of the architecture. We take materiality, texture, light, depth, touch, atmosphere and programming of internal spaces to adapt and benefit the user at different times of day, year and engagement, aiming to improve the mental and physical health of the occupants. 

Furniture Design + Sourcing